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It takes more than a website to do tax returns. Taxes for expats require solid knowledge of both US and foreign tax to ensure your US tax return gets all the credit you deserve. 

With 20 years expat tax experience in Japan, you keep abreast of the latest tax rules and take advantage of extended filing deadlines, income exclusions, tax credits, and treaty benefits to meet full US tax compliance.

Our Client Tax Organizer covers a maze of reporting requirements within minutes, and our fee is typically 50% or less than the qualified competition. So you save both time and money preparing your tax return, in addition to having your return done right!

At US-TaxCPA.com, you get:

  • Free tax profile assessment and service fee quotation.

  • 20 years US expatriate tax experience including “Big 4”.

  • Your tax return is prepared, reviewed, and signed by a licensed US CPA.
    No outsourcing of your confidential information.

  • Expertise with offshore reporting issues including financial accounts, foreign company ownership, and passive foreign investment companies (PFICs).

  • Qualified Japan tax return referral assistance available upon request.

We offer knowhow, convenience, and strive for highest client satisfaction, whether filing annually or delinquent in your returns. For our dedication to quality, see what clients say about our service.  And no matter where you are, we look forward to working with you.

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What Clients Say About Our Service

Dan's service was far more professional and personalized than what I had become accustomed to at the "Big" firms, and I saved money not only on tax prep but also on taxes paid.  Highly recommended.
    -- Banker, Tokyo / Singapore

Prompt, efficient, professional, and personalized.  A delight to deal with!  Dan Schouten is a true professional. He is very knowledgeable and reliable and is always available for consultation and advice in addition to preparing your tax returns and informing you of all the steps in the process. Highly recommended.
    -- Company President, Tokyo

Dan was efficient and easy to work with. I found his pricing fair and would not hesitate to recommend him to other Americans living in Japan.
    -- U.S. Government Employee, Tokyo

Based on my experience, Dan Schouten and US-TaxCPA.com are superior to the major international accounting firms in the preparation of individual tax returns. Dan is not only highly knowledgeable about tax rules and regulations in several jurisdictions, he also is very responsive to individual concerns and questions of his clients. I intend to use his services in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone else looking for expert tax assistance.
    -- Executive Management International Foundation, Singapore / Tokyo 

I was cautious at first about using a tax preparer located on the internet, but my worries were quickly dissolved. Dan proved to be an excellent source of tax knowledge and was able to save me thousands of dollars. I will definitely use the service again and recommend any US citizen that is working outside the United States to do the same.
    -- US Government Contractor, Manila, Philippines 

I received the two refund checks, plus interest!  Thanks for suggesting the amended returns to clear up what my New York accountant missed.
    --  Asia Equity Portfolio Manager, Hong Kong

The information was easy to provide - via the web - including PDF copies of previous year tax returns. Could not ask for more.
    -- Retired, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Dan has done an excellent job for me and I appreciate his knowledge. He has helped me in many areas that previous tax advisors have not. I will return to him again next year.
    -- Businessman, Tokyo / Hong Kong / Singapore 

Dan provided sound information and assistance. I was very pleased with his services and look forward to working with him again.
    -- Teacher, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa

Thank you very much, Dan.  You will definitely be getting my business next year.  Much appreciated.
    -- Senior Investment Banker, Tokyo

Today I received a check from the IRS for the withholding tax on the sale of my investment rental property.  This is just like you said.  You do impressive work.  Thank you very, very much.
-- Non-resident Alien (25 years delinquent in U.S. tax filings), Japan

Thanks for all your help with my tax return.
    -- Attorney, Hong Kong /  Beijing, China

Mr. Schouten's service delivers exactly what I'm looking for - knowledgeable, thorough and prompt service at a reasonable price.  Couldn't be more satisfied.
    -- Advertising Executive, Tokyo

You were the only one to notice that I had been paying both Japan and U.S. income tax on my benefits in violation of the tax treaty on double taxation.  No one had ever caught this before and I appreciate what you did more than words can express.
    -- Chief Executive Officer, Tokyo

Thanks for helping me on my back taxes.  Got all the refunds.
    -- Embassy Foreign Trade Attaché, Sydney, Australia 

Dan has done an excellent job helping me navigate the complexities of facing tax obligations in both the United States and Japan, taking care of the U.S. side of things for me in a way so as to minimize my overall tax bill. In addition, he has always been quick to respond to any of my email enquiries throughout the year. I am very satisfied with the service he is provided and would not hesitate to recommend him.
    -- U.S. Government Employee, Tokyo

I came to Japan to work as an English teacher, but after a few years I joined a Japanese company and worked for them in Japan and then for three years in Vietnam. Time flies. When I returned to Tokyo, I realized that I not filed an income tax return in over 8 years. I contacted US-TaxCPA.com and they quickly and efficiently completed the all the past years' returns at a reasonable price. It was much easier than I expected, and was a great load off my mind. I highly recommend them.
   -- International Sales, Tokyo  

We found Dan very personable and knowledgeable. He helped us find out some things we couldn't do and also worked with us to help us get money back that we didn't know we were eligible for. Using his service not only gave us peace of mind but also earned us money!
-- Teacher, Kanagawa

I have utilized Dan's service for tax returns for the past 6 or 7 years. The service he has provided has been excellent. A couple of times I have tried to save money doing my tax returns myself, but have gotten hung up on one item or another and then delayed getting the returns filed. In the end it has been better to let him do it, then to do it myself.
   -- VP Operations, Tokyo 

Very good, speedy service at a very good price. Satisfied customer.
    -- Company Marketing Director, Yokohama

Dan provided excellent service by individually tailoring his advice to my personal circumstances, making a special effort to provide helpful ways to manage my tax liability.
   -- Chief Compliance Officer, Hong Kong / Tokyo 

Dan provided clear explanations of the issues and was easy to keep in contact with. He also saved us thousands of dollars in tax that we had overpaid the previous year at the advice of our former accountant. I have no hesitation recommending his service.
    -- Consultant, Tokyo

Appreciated your service on such short notice.  Thanks for helping me out.  Look forward to working with you again next year.
    -- Asia Regional Manager, Singapore

I have income from Japan, Europe, and the U.S., which undoubtedly makes my tax preparation quite a challenge. Dan took the time to understand the entire context, patiently worked through all the complexities with me and prepared a return which went through without a hitch.
   -- CEO, Tokyo 

The service your company provided was fast and convenient at a very competitive price. It has made my tax paperwork considerably easier. At this point I have the intention of using your services again and would certainly consider your company for any other services you might decide to offer in the future.
-- Finance Executive, Tokyo

Mr. Schouten's income tax preparation service is top drawer. He not only prepared my return in a timely manner, he saved me a significant amount of money in the process.
    -- R&D Manager, Aichi

Dan helped me prepare my US tax returns for multiple years as I had never filed before and I was very impressed with his professionalism, as well as the convenience, speed and efficiency of his service - he made it very easy for me and I was very confident that the returns he prepared were done correctly and properly. Thanks Dan!
    -- Credit Analyst, Tokyo / Chicago

Dan was contacted on short notice with a difficult tax preparation need, and it was done quickly and professionally. He was able to save me a lot of money compared to trying to do it myself.
-- Hotel General Manager, Tokyo

My taxes included a good deal of complicated oil and gas royalties.  I appreciated your efforts in decoding it all!
-- Entrepreneur and Investor, Tokyo

Dan, I do appreciate your help.  I did not know what to do and felt lucky I found you on the net.  Internet search engine was really helpful. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me!
    -- Anonymous, Sasebo

Dan Schouten was very friendly and helpful. He provided an excellent service, and I would recommend him highly.
-- Professor, Japan

Truly professional, from the first contact to the final result. Dan told me exactly what was needed, and he was able to complete the tax return in a highly efficient manner. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for tax return service to contact US-TaxCPA.com.
    -- Company President, Japan

Dan was very helpful in preparing my US tax return.  I had purchased an investment property in Canada and was worried about how that would affect my return.  Dan actually was able to save more for me in taxes than I had expected.
--  Advertising Executive, Tokyo

It was easy and at a price I would have expected in the states. Very good feedback on the phone and you were more than willing to take time to layout the basics when you sensed there was a concept or procedure I was unclear about. In other words, it's good to have someone on the phone who will answer my questions clearly.
    -- Teacher and Investor, Osaka

Dan answered all of my questions in simple easily understandable terms and put me at ease.
    -- Teacher, Nagoya

I was slapped with a huge, frightening tax levy that my employer had begun to put into effect (which would have left me with barely any take home pay) when I frantically called Dan. He was able to calm me down and reassure me that my situation was fixable and that I need not panic. I was very impressed with the speed in which Dan responded to my problem and his level of professionalism and even more impressed that 2 weeks later Dan was able to present me with 7 years' tax returns professionally prepared that--best of all--showed I owed no taxes. The IRS must have been similarly impressed since they accepted the returns and dropped all penalties for non-filing. Dan's fees were also very, very reasonable. I recommend his services unreservedly.
   -- Legal Secretary, Tokyo 

You were so good last year that ... I'll be going with you again next year.
    -- State Investment & Trade Representative, Tokyo

I was quite pleased with your work and would gladly recommend you to others.
­­ Attorney, Tokyo

Working with Dan was pleasant and easy. The service was excellent and the pricing was fair.
-- Company Director, Tokyo

I was a 4th year ALT working in Japan, and due to various circumstances had fallen behind on my taxes. I contacted Dan and within less than two weeks he had taken care of everything. I went back to the U.S. and filed like I had never left...a life saver ;) Thanks for your time and support.
    -- ALT, Nagahama, Japan

Your service was extremely helpful in helping me get my tax issues sorted with the IRS.  I have a greater peace of mind knowing that there is someone in Japan who is there to help with US tax issues when it is needed.  I am very satisfied as I got great service at a great price!  You will definitely see me next year!  Thanks Again!
-- Engineer, Kawasaki

Very easy processing of taxes that I feared would be complicated.  Efficient, professional service.
    -- English Teacher, Kashiba, Japan

I had not filed taxes for 5 years and had made excess contributions to my Roth IRA during that period. Dan successfully navigated me out of the mess with minimal tax repercussions. I can highly recommend his services.
    -- Engineer, Tokyo

I found Dan Schouten's service to be efficient, accurate and affordable. He gave me solid tax advice.  I would recommend him to anyone.
    -- Managing Director, Tokyo

Very professional service.  I will work with him again next year.
    --  Counselor, Tokyo

Dan offers excellent service at a very affordable price. I have already introduced him to numerous friends and colleagues who have also been very satisfied with his services.
   -- Import/Export, Tokyo 

I found your services to be very professional and helpful. I especially appreciate your prompt replies to my inquiries, your honest evaluation of the problems at hand and the fairness of your fees.
    -- Musician, Tokyo

I was pleased with Dan's quick and efficient service, especially ahead of deadlines, and would definitely recommend him to anyone requiring US tax return preparation and advice.
-- Banker / Securities, Tokyo

I had not submitted my tax returns for several years.  Then had gotten to the point that I was more afraid to turn them in, but really wanted to clean up the mess.  Dan provided some excellent advice along with several well prepared returns.  At the end of the day,  there were no problems with the IRS and that is the number 1 result. 
    -- Senior Manager, Tokyo

Dan Schouten takes pains to make sure you understand things and gets the job done in a timely, neat, and professional manner. He has done my returns for four years now and I am not thinking of looking elsewhere.
-- Academic, Tokyo

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