Tax Organizer

When you are ready to start your return, use the Client Tax Organizer to help organize your information. Save the PDF file to your computer first, and then open and complete at your leisure in Adobe Reader.

New clients should complete all applicable sections of the tax organizer and send a copy of your prior year tax return.

Returning clients should confirm their current address, contact information, and then focus on the items that have changed from last year, or update your prior year tax organizer.

Client Tax Organizer

Save PDF file to your computer first and then input info.

Forward your completed Client Tax Organizer and supporting documents through the Secure File Exchange Portal (best practice).

Secure File Exchange Portal 

If you are filing for multiple years, revise your Client Tax Organizer for each year or use the Extended Excel Workbook to summarize your previous year information. 

Extended Excel Organizer Workbook

Save file to your computer before opening.  Click "cancel" if password requested. 

Overseas filers have until June 15 to file their returns and avoid a late filing penalty. You can file an automatic extension to October 15 online or by mail with Form 4868. Read the instructions and remember to indicate you are out of the country or check Box 8 on the paper form.

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